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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 12, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. the first official photos of representative gabrielle giffords, since she was shot five months ago. these happy images taken one day after she went to see her husband take off during the launch of the space shuttle "endeavour." >> rehab but no resignation. congressman anthony weiner said he's taking a leave of absence to seek treatment. this, as leaders of a democratic party launch a coordinated assault to drive him out. can he hold on to his job? three down, the master mind behind the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in africa is gunned down in somalia. this is the third major terror takedown in six weeks. so is al qaeda on the run? and collision. a spectacular crash at the prestigious 24 hours of le mans car race. the car practically obliterated.
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we'll tell you what happened to the driver. >> announcer: from abc news, live from new york, this is "good morning america" with dan harris and be on-and be anna golodryga. and good morning, everybody, let's put up those pictures once again. they just came out on facebook minutes ago. that's gabrielle giffords. think about this. it was five months ago, roughly, that she was shot at incredibly close range outside of a strip mall in tucson, arizona, while holding an event with her wrists. here she is, looking terrific. smiling. >> you see the remarkable pictures. this is taken outside of her hospital room in houston. we're getting reports she may be leaving the hospital. on the facebook page we're getting responses, people saying she's gorgeous, great beginning, impressive. great job. this is just the beginning. but a good beginning indeed.
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we'll have more on that story coming up. >> absolutely. we want to talk about this for an extended period of time but we have other news again. overseas, talking about kate middleton, she's stealing the spotlight. a big royal weekend to celebrate the birthdays of the queen and her husband. and the talk is about one thing, that is kate. from the royal ride to that amazing dress, she seems to be stealing the show. >> i understand pippa showed up last night. >> you have to throw in pippa. >> we all love pippa. don't we? >> we'll talk about that coming up. also this morning, the latest on the casey anthony murder trial. the aspect of the case that has trial watchers amazed. she's stone faced yesterday she laughed. will her behavior have any impact on the jurors? we'll get into that question coming up. let's get right to those amazing new pictures of the smiling congresswoman, gabrielle giffords. ron claiborne is here this morning. when you're covering the latest on these, these just came out. >> these just came out on our facebook page, dan and be yan
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na, she looks remarkably well. a couple of photos smiling. they were taken by a longtime photographer there in phoenix, taken on may 17, the day after the "endeavour" took off, with her husband aboard. hair is shown there trimmed short. looking well, smiling. the photographer said he was very inspired to see how much she recovered in five months since she was shot in tucson. that assault that kill aid number of people. she was in a good mood, smiling and laughing. remarkably recovery, amazing photos just coming out right now. >> clearly one must imagine the pressure gabby is under. the past few months to have a photo released. media being out there. all we've seen are reports in the newspapers. we haven't soon a photo of her. this may be her way to say we will jump ahead of the story. >> and the news about her, she may be released from rehabilitation facility in houston by the end of this month. further evidence, suggestions
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that her recovery is progressing fairly well. >> that is one day before, as bianna mentioned, before she had her cranioplasty, she's free from wearing a helmet all of the time. one would think she's doing better at this point. interestingly, her staff gave a statement to the local newspaper. she's still having trouble straining to get the sentences -- she mostly communicates through facial expressions, she's singing her favorite songs, she's smiles, she laughs. we cannot lose sight of the fact after having been shot so viciously at such close range, to be this far along is really incredible. >> it really is. >> these are inspiring photos. >> remarkable road to recovery. she has months, if not year as head. these are great photos this morning. >> looking at other news this morning in washington. the avalanche news involving anthony weiner, the democratic party decided en masse that it's time for him to go. they put a full court press on the congressman late saturday.
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his response, he's leaving but only temporarily for what he is calling treatment. david kerley has the details from washington. good morning, david. >> good morning. weiner is reportedly at this undisclosed location this morning as he does defy democratic leaders who want him to leave office. he didn't tell reporters soon after walking down this street. weiner reportedly left on what a spokesperson said a short leave of absence to get treatment, quote to become a healthier person. an attempt to hold on to his job. in fact, abc news learned nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders have been telling weiner to resign for days. his response -- >> i made mistakes. >> reporter: democrat ek leaders believe he was digging in his heels to avoid resignation. they weren't buying it. from the head of the dnc. >> he should step aside and address those things, he and his family's well being.
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>> reporter: the head of the congressional campaign committee. >> he's created insurmountable distraction. >> reporter: and finally nancy pelosi, who never called on a democrat to resign said if weiner needed to get help, he should get it without the pressure of being a member of congress. >> i think the democratic leadership simply got together and said we can't go through another week or two of this. we have to move on and get back to politics, get back to our message. >> reporter: weiner is getting some support in new york. >> i support you. >> reporter: that, after the latest revolution, along with sending lewd photos, weiner also sent messages called harmless to a high school student. abc news learned that democratic leaders plan to call for his resignation before he learned about the 17-year-old. >> when the party leader, chairman of the national committee, chairman of the democratic campaign calls on you to resign, and you're still trying to hang on, you haven't accepted the reality of the situation. >> reporter: "the new york times" are reporting that
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friends say weiner is distraught and getting more distraught every day. so he is getting treatment. nancy pelosi said to him, listen, you need to get some help. apparently he's getting it today. bianna. >> thank you. we're joined by daily beast senior political columnist, john avalon. good to see you. you tweeted the trip to rehab was need bud not sufficient. why do you say that? >> he clearly needs help. but it's not going to help the democratic party or help his constituents. this is past the point of no return. the digital nature of these mistakes, the fact they come out and continue to haunt him and his party and be a campaign issue, that's not going away. the only way it stops if he resigns the seat. >> looking back, could this outcome have been different if he handled the situation differently. instead of the denial, the lies, the cover up, had he come out and said yes, this is me, would that be a done deal? >> it would have been
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diminished. it's the old watergate lesson. it's not the crime, it's the cover up. by lying to his media, his colleagues, by lying consistently for a week or more, he created an environment where these bombshells became enduring bits of news. he made it worse. at some point your credibility is shot. and that's essential for any effective public servant. >> tomorrow morning, the full house is in session the first time since weiner came out and admitted to lying and sending the photos. what is the ambience going to be like in washington tomorrow? >> the ambiance, yes. nancy pelosi called for investigation before she called for resignation, he was trolling the web as rep weiner. you'll see some of those conversations continue presumably. he wasn't doing it as tony weiner. you >> how will republicans make hey of this scandal. clearly they've had their own scandals. how do you think they're going to be handling this? >> sex scandals are a bipartisan problem.
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but they'll continue to try to make political hay out of this. what is difficult is the digital documentation. real-time skit over the weekend. they did a reading of the facebook posts. it's awful. they're going to try to make money off of it. make it a primary issue, put democrats on defense. digital evidence is the new blue dress. >> do you think he'll resign in your opinion? >> i think ultimately he will, and i think he should. >> dan. we appreciate you coming in. >> digital evidence, the new blue dress. a slogan many of us will remember. thank you, john av lon. as for the other big story. another key al qaeda figure dead. fazal abdullah mohammed. this is the guy who was behind the 1998 bombing of the u.s. embassies, he had a $5 million bounty on his head. christiane amanpour has more of the killing of this terror
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mastermind. good morning you to. >> this was a bit of luck according to the somali and u.s. authorities. they got him at a road block and he was shot because he was carrying a weapon according to them. but whatever, it does appear that this is now the third, obvious high profile terrorist target on the wanted list by the united states. the united states. osama bin laden at the beginning of the month. there was ilyas kashmiri just a few weeks ago now this man who was head of al qaeda, if you like, in africa. it's very important that the somalis got him. because they are not used to doing this kind of thing. they host al shabab which is a very powerful al qaeda ranch. that is quite important, as the u.s. officials saying this strikes yet another blow against al qaeda and against their extremist allies. >> that's the question. given al qaeda is designed to be decentralized, designed to with stand the decapitation of the head of the snake. will these three deaths actually hurt the organization?
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>> it's an ongoing process. whenever you get the leadership it does have an effect. that's what they're obviously still trying to do. yes, they're concerned where al qaeda pops up again after afghanistan s. we know about yemen, and we know about africa. these are important attacks on their leadership. >> christiane, terrific to have your analysis on this sunday morning. thank you, and be sure to join christiane later this week. she'll have more on congressman weiner and indepth look at the economy at the "roundtable." and now let's check the headlines once again, go back to ron claiborne. >> hello, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. in the new, the firefighters battling the fire in arizona and now new mexico are warning of a perfect storm that could get worse. there are also new warnings about the air quality as far away as central new mexico. because of the smoke, the fire
8:12 am
is still mostly uncontained. another acquaintance of missing indiana student lauren spier spierer, has given dna samples. he was home when spierer disappeared. he's also provided dna to authorities. and another high profile cyberattack, this at one of the world's most powerful financial institutions. the international monetary fund was the victim of what's being called a sophisticated and serious attack. the imf is still looking for a new leader to replace dominique strauss-kahn who is charged with sexually assaulting a maid in a new york city hotel. and finally, check out this spectacular crash at the le manses. the longest undurrr ans race did not last long for one driver. he skids off course, it crashes into a wall, you see there, disintegrates.
8:13 am
amazingly, dan and bianna, the driver walked away from this mishap. >> unbelievable. >> unhurt. >> a lot of this has to do with the fact they're designing these cars better. >> absolutely. look at this. >> it's going 175 miles an hour. >> it disintegrates. the driver is okay. >> did that remind you of my driving on the road trip? >> you said i was driving very fast. not like that, though. >> he is lucky to be alive indeed. >> let's turn to weather and jackie meretsky. good to see you, jackie. >> good to see all of you, let's see what is happening in the city of brotherly love. we have a great shot for you, i believe, of the delaware river. still very overcast skies, folks in philadelphia, if you get through today, the rest of your week, at least the beginning of your week is looking very, very good. the northeast, last bit of convection still unsettled, boston still getting showers, again, once we get through today. the rest of the week will see sunshine in the beginning of the week.
8:14 am
we have two areas of severe weather, one in the northern high plains, in fact, north dakota, all of the way to arkansas, 80-mile-per-hour winds are expected and could see tornadoes in this area as well. that's a quick look at the national weather. >> could morning. capitales the nation's this morning. these guys are dry at the moment. hickel -- the skies are dry at moment. we should talk about in the 80's today. delightful weather tomorrow. the trend will and, dan, we're going to talk about more severe weather in the next half hour. >> thank you, jackie, tonight is game six of the nba finals on abc. something extraordinary is happening. the biggest star in basketball. lebron james, king james seeming to be choking.
8:15 am
is he blowing his first chance and best chance for a championship? ron claiborne is back with more. good morning, ron. >> another conversation. hi, dan, again. >> hello. >> this is supposed to be lebron james' year. the year he finally gets a championship ring. the one that alluded him. throughout his career. instead they're trailing and lebron has all but disappeared in crunch time in the fourth quarter in all five games. call it the shock heard around the sports world. >> reporter: it was less than a year ago when lebron james dramatically disclosed his plans to -- >> take my talents to south beach and join the miami heat. >> fans in cleveland and many others across the country erupted in anger. at what they saw as a trail of the team and city where he toiled for seven years. joining dwyane wade and chris bosh in miami. the heat looked like a lock to win the nba championship. in miami, they practically
8:16 am
celebrated before they even took the court. >> i'm going to do everything in my power to lead that miami franchise to a second one. >> reporter: actually it took a while for this team to gel but in the playoffs the heat got hot, advancing by taking out the celtics and chicago bulls with lebron leading the way. with the title on the line, against dallas, suddenly, king james looks more like a pretender to the throne. >> james fires over receisteven. is he choking under the pressure? the numbers seem to say so. >> he's only shooting 25% from the field during the fourth quarter. he needs to get his efficiency up. >> he's a two-time mvp. made the decision to join the miami heat and now media wants to know what's going on if that championship doesn't take place right now. >> reporter: if the heal do lose to dallas, they will go down as one of the most notorious collapses in history. along with the patriots team
8:17 am
that lost the 2008 super bowl and golfer greg norman who blew a six-shot lead in the final round of the 1996 masters. fair or not, lebron james will take the blame if the heat don't win the championship that has alluded him his entire career. there is of course time to lebron to redeem himself. game six and if necessary game seven with take place in the heat's home court in miami. he's got to do it, or there will be a long season of finger pointing at lebron james. >> i'm sure, ron claiborne, good to see you again. by the way, you can see game six of the nba finals at 8:00 eastern. i know, bianna, you will be watching. >> i will be. how is this from a smooth transition, king james to prince william and dutchess. they've been out and about this week. it's clear, the world only has eyes for, not only you, jeffery kauffman but pippa. and kate.
8:18 am
>> that's right. a very royal weekend in london. officially, it's about birthday celebration, queen's yesterday, prince phillip today. guess who stole the show. here's a hint or two. she got married six weeks ago and her name used to be kate middleton. the queen may still own the castle or palace. she received warm applause as her carriage passed during her official birthday celebration, but the cheers for the newest of the royals, dutchess of cambridge made it clear that kate is now the jewel in the crown. >> which member of the royal family are you particularly interested in seeing? >> he wants to see kate. >> and me too. >> who is the bigger deal, the queen or kate? >> speaking from a young point of view, i would say kate. >> yeah. >> god save the queen and everything, but kate will be the future queen, you know. we're getting a head start. >> on the balcony where kate and
8:19 am
william appeared just weeks ago as newlyweds. the royals were looking at the spectacle in the sky but the world was looking at kate. this was her coming out week as a royal. her first official function, a glitzy charity dinner thursday. she and her spectacular dress stole the show and with her husband, prince william, helped raise a staggering $28 million. >> her star power has been pretty high. it was high before they got married. it went off the radar completely at the time of the wedding and hasn't come back again. >> reporter: this morning officially belongs to prince phillip, the queen's husband who is celebrating his 90th birthday with a church service at windsor. but in this morning's papers, it's all about kate. including a photo of a surprise visit she made to a friend's
8:20 am
wedding, accompanied by her sister, pippa. >> i have to share something about the kelly effect. every time she wears a new outfit. details flash across twitter or the internet. whether a handbag, it sells out in an instant. a huge boost for british fashion. there's already a name for people who buy this stuff. they call them copy kates. >> that's what happens, when dan wears a new outfit. there's copy dans all over the world. >> i love how that american said, god save the queen and everything, but it really is all about -- >> and the other guy said he's here to see kate. >> who wouldn't be. >> who can blame them. >> coming up on "good morning america," the jig is up. it's one of the most grueling sports in the world. not rugby, no, irish dancing. we take youen side this fierce and ultracompetitive world. >> you want to see bianna give it a try. stay tuned for that. also the many faces of casey, from tears to laster. the behavior is scrutinized by both the press and jury, what are they to make of her reaction?
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coming up on "gma." why does this guy keep crashing his bike? is he doing it on purpose? is he drunk? we'll tell you, keep it here.
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now for a check on the forecast, is dave. >> it is warm out of there this morning. degreesures around 70 in the region. today we should talk about around 90 degrees. afternoon showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow, colder and drier conditions. 77-82, just where to should be. we will have that all the way through midweek. good.nds watching. we will be back at 8:56. watching. we w[ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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look at this. moments ago, we got these pictures, of gabby giffords, smiling. these are the first official photos of congress woman gabrielle giffords. she's here with her mother on one of these shots. there she is. her mother was by her side through her recovery. >> they were taken a few weeks ago, but these are fantastic photos. good morning, america, i'm bianna golodryga along with dan harris. coming up we'll take you inside the extreme world of irish dancing. >> i'm looking forward to this. >> i'm not. >> it's a hard core competitive sport. these young girls practice hours every day. i don't know why i agreed to this. but i am going to give it atry. you'll all be laughing at home, i'm sure. >> i'm confident.
8:31 am
>> yesterday, this guy, steve, proposed to his hopefully new wife, crystal. we'll tell what happens when crystal saw that proposal coming up. we do begin this half hour of those remarkable new pictures of congresswoman gabby giffords, the first since she was shot in the head five months ago. she's looks remarkable. >> she does. these photos were taken may 17th. after her husband took off on space shuttle "endeavour". she looks great in these pictures, one you mentioned with her mother, the photographer said representative giffords was in a good mood, that she was smiling and laughing during this photo session and this was just three weeks ago. meanwhile, the rehab facility where she is in houston said she could be released, is expected to be released by the end of this month. further evidence of progress by congressman giffords in recovering from that terrible head wound she suffered in that shooting back in january in tucson, dan and bianna.
8:32 am
>> we harry the photographer is a personal friend, someone who has none her for some time. >> for ten years. >> she's looking beautiful, smiling. we are going to turn now to another big story, that is the trial of casey anthony. she was back in the courtroom yesterday. which was in session saturday. for the first time we saw casey anthony laughing. this was just the latest in a wild ride of emotions for this young woman. what does the jury make of it? we have the latest from linsey davis in the courtroom in orlando. >> reporter: lately, jurors can't be sure which stacy is going to show up. yesterday, laugher, friday, tears and glares from a seemingly angry testimony during her brother's testimony thursday. shortly after a sick casey had to be escorted out of the courtroom. and the judge extended a break to allow casey to compose herself. in person, jurors saw her evolve from conservative frilly shirts and sweaters to much more
8:33 am
casual, v-neck sweaters and jeans. while there's evidence for jurors to process. they're processing this, what to make of the 25-year-old accused of killing her daughter. >> when the jurors are looking up, they can't help but see her. they don't miss a trick. >> reporter: and both sides trying to present the casey they want the jury to see. from the prosecution, a cold-hearted party girl who danced while her daughter was supposedly missing. from the defense, the image of a caring mother, devastated the her child's loss. throughout the trial she's been wearing her emotions on her sleeve as every piece of evidence is presented. friday, when the prosecution showed an animation of caylee's face superimposed over a picture of her skull with duct tape over her nose and mouth -- >> she didn't take her eyes off the monitor. once the jury came in, she's look ago way. it's strategic. >> reporter: yesterday, those tears turned to laughter, during the discussion about the difference between trash and bargain. but the same person who made that distinction may have delivered a significant blow to
8:34 am
the defense. he testified that the type of insect from the paper towels that had been in the trunk of casey's car are often associated with human decomposition. >> no other questions. >> in an attempt to cast doubt in the jury's mind the defense tried to undermine the entomologist's testimony. >> you have been retained by the state attorney's office, have you not? >> that's collect. >> how much have you been paid today? >> to my recollection, about 22,000, 23,000. >> reporter: both of casey's parents were back in the courtroom saturday, witnessing the drama play out first hand. >> of all of the defendants you've observed where does casey anthony rank? >> she's the most fascinating because she's a good liar. >> how much have you been paid to date? >> to my recollection, 22,000, $23,000. >> reporter: anthony's home, the same remains the bag was found in. it's interesting, as we've seen the emotions increase, we've
8:35 am
seen the line to get in the courtroom increase. just in the last two days we've seen two fights in that line. dan and bianna. >> linsey, thank you. >> time for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> hey, have you ever heard of a gustnado. >> no. >> what is it, low level rotating cloud. it's not a tornado, because it typically doesn't reach the surface of a thunder cloud. that's what you're looking at, it's happening in anton, colorado. this, by the way, was all part of the same storms that are now just cruising through the central plains. in fact let's take a look at that radar and we'll show you those storms just starting to work their way into portions of arkansas as well as missouri. we also have active weather trying to push its way out of the northeast and we'll be left with cloud cover in new york city. finally just cloud cover in boston. that's a quick look at national >> good morning. this will be the last of the hot
8:36 am
sticky days. thunderstorms this afternoon. a new season tomorrow. temperatures in this weather report has been brought to you by volkswagen, dan and bianna. >> gustnado. >> yeah. be on the look out for those. thank you, jackie. coming up the extreme art of irish dancing. bianna golodryga is going to try this. you will not want to miss it. also, a world champ who has been dancing her whole life. >> you want to switch the channel right now. >> no. speaking of extreme. look what this bicyclist, look what he's doing, why is he driving into things on purpose? it's one of our fixations coming up. ♪ hey, dad, you think i could drive? i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪
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♪ that is irish dancing. it's like tap on steroids, feet banging on the floor in perfect unison. arms fixed at the dancer's sides. it's fun to watch but grueling to actually do. so often the dancers are young girls. dancers around the globe practice for year for a chance to meet the world championship. we'll meet one of the winners in just a moment but first, take a
8:40 am
look at what it takes to get to the big stage. >> it's become part of the world culture thanks to river dance and the lord of the dance. but competitive irish dancing isn't all flying feet and sparkling costumes. it is intense. >> pick it up pick it up. >> across the u.s. and the world -- >> reporter: -- children as young as 5, train for hours each day, every day. >> either do this right or don't do it at all. ♪ >> well done. >> reporter: all in a quest to win it all. >> i sacrificed so much in my life. >> reporter: they train as hard as olympic athletes, and dancing can be just as physically damaging. >> there's so many injuries. >> are you having any pain over this area? >> no. >> reporter: for 10-year-old julia o'rourke of new york, this is her life.
8:41 am
practicing and practicing and practicing again. >> she kept progressing as time went on. >> if you do it wrong, you have to get it right. you can't just leave it. >> reporter: her goal, to be the best in the world. >> she has a tendency not to want to do things until she looks good doing it or competitive with the other girls. >> reporter: each year dancers travel from across the globe to compete at the irish world championship. some must face the music, but others, achieve greatness. >> in first place, julia o'rourke. >> reporter: and that was from the movie, "jig" which features one of our guest, julyia o'rourke. welcome to you, you're also here with taylor, melanie valdez and gabriela wood. hello.
8:42 am
we'll all see you dance in a moment. i want to that start with you, how old were you when you started dancing? >> i was in kindergarten, 5 years old. >> why this specific dance? instead of ballet, any other more, say common dances? why did you choose this? >> this one seems so much more different and difficult. i just loved all of the fast moving feet. >> tell me how many hours a day do you practice? >> two to three hours. >> what was it like to win that championship? we saw some of that in the clip. tell us more. >> so exciting and so proud of myself because i worked so hard up to that moment. >> i've been nervous about this all morning. my colleagues are making fun of me. can you teach me one step so i can prove them wrong. >> this is called the shuffle. >> wait. >> can do you that again? okay. i have heels on. >> you tip out with your front, and you hop back. >> and on that note, i will leave it to the masters here, take us away to break.
8:43 am
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♪ all right. time again for our weekly segment which we call "fixation," where we share some things we've been obsessed with during the week. i'm going to go first. all right? >> we should all give appreciation and respect to people of older generation who try to use technology like our parents an grandparents. sometimes these things go awry. let me show you a clip we found of an older couple, rita and frank who tried to take a picture on their webcam, check it out. >> i don't hear it clicking, do you? >> do you hear it clicking? >> no. >> they were using the video camera, and not the still picture function on the computer. and this goes on for quite a while. let me tell you, i don't want to spoil the ending, but they never figure it out.
8:48 am
>> but they keep breaking that same smile. >> did you hear it click now? >> no. >> no! >> all right. who is next? who is next? >> i'm up next. >> this is going to be a video from a guy named casey. in new york city, they have a lot of bike lanes here, special lanes for the bicycle on the side of the main roads but he got a ticket for riding outside of the bike lane. $50 fine. to make a point, that it's too dangerous to ride in the bike lane. he's going to demonstrate all of the obstacles that you can run into actually staying in the bike lane. >> he then showed this to the cops? >> it was too late to help him. >> there have been 1.8 million hits on youtube. >> he made his point. >> look at him in the back of that truck. >> not bad. >> never seen again. >> all right. bianna, what have you got? >> everyone in every field takes precautionary drills in case of
8:49 am
emergency, and zoos not withstanding. one zoo decided to have a tiger escape drill. just in case one of the ferocious tigers escaped. look at one of these picture, looks like a tiger you see the zoo. actually looks like tony the tiger. he's doing the drill. participating how he lurks -- there they tranquilize him. he has a smile on his face. take a look with the one of the last photos, where he walks by a real tiger, the tiger is, what in the world -- >> i know that guy. >> better him than me. >> i like his cereal. >> that's about it. >> all right. jackie, what have you got? >> they were all taking us seriously. this doesn't need much of an introduction. this is shot in the streets of brazil. it's got everything. great music, skill and an element of danger. have a look. >> we don't quite yet know who this driver is. watch how this speed bump is handled.
8:50 am
>> what is that? >> that's a dog. >> what do you think it is? it's a dog, right? >> i thought that was ron driving. >> i thought it was a cat. >> it's a dog. >> both hands on the wheel. >> we've got -- >> i did see a cat there. >> this also received 1.8 million hits on youtube. >> this gives you a sense what people are looking for on the interview. >> post paws. >> thank you, everybody, great commissions. by the way, if you have an idea for us, things you can't get enough of. hit us up on twitter. we'll check it out and maybe we'll include it. we'll be right back. for the veterans who protect our freedoms working with today's va i can use my license anywhere in the u.s. in the city or the wide open spaces it's amazing how you can grow as a doctor a nurse a pharmacist you grow as a person it's the quality of care our veterans deserve
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8:54 am
well in yesterday's "your three words" we showed steve's proposal for crystal. crystal wasn't able to watch gma live. so he played it back for her. look what happened when she saw
8:55 am
steve's special message. >> are you serious? are you serious? oh, my god, oh, my god. >> are you going to accept? >> oh, my god, are you serious? awesome. of course, yes. >> yay! >> you threatened her if she didn't say yes. steve and crystal met at work. their friends had to convince them to go on their first day. five years later, she said yes. >> bianna will get up and do the jig. if you need a dancer at your wedding, guaranteed to make your audience and guests laugh. there she is.
8:56 am
>> very well done. >> thanks, guys. >> i'm more of a hip-hop girl. >> yes, i think sorry. >> congratulations, and thank you at home for watching abc news. >> we're always online at christiane am an foanpour is bah "this week" and later on david muir. thank you for watching us, have a great week, everybody. >> let's go dance. is. >> oh, no, perfection. >> good morning. news, search crews have body of a woman underwater ind the southeast. went into the water at the yacht club last night. so far, no word on how this happened. two d.c. police officers are from non-life
8:57 am
injuries.g they were attacked last night. ever able to arrest the suspect. witnesses say a homeless man -- able to arrest the suspect. witnesses say homeless man came them with a pipe. now today for a check on the forecast. this heat wave is now in its day, but relief is at hand. temperature's very warm out there already in the low 70's. the dewpoint are still in the uncomfortable range. by later this afternoon, early evening, we will see a shift. high temperatures near 90 degrees. afternoon showers. there will be high pressure and canadian air. tomorrow, you will see the blue
8:58 am
in the sky. low humidity, just delightful. , low orr -- upper 70's a's. it should -- 80's. it should last until midweek. >> thanks for watching. we hope you have a great day. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:59 am
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